About Heart of Stone

It is the mission of Stone Siegel Media to enrich and inspire the lives of our audience by providing authentic, elegant, positive and ethical books and video web series that encourage people to explore the unexpected, contribute to the global community and commit to responsible stewardship of the earth.

We are committed to producing television worthy web series that explore global destinations through eco-travel experiences, voluntourism, farm-to-table trails, sustainable restaurants, green hotels, wildlife and nature conservation efforts, people interviews, and much more. Ever aware of the impact of a high-quality visual and authentic presentation, Stone Siegel Media employs all original, artistic photography & videography.

Heart of Stone host, Stone Siegel, sits down with people from all walks of life for personal heart-to-heart interviews. Inspirations, aspirations, dreams, trials & tribulations, regrets, favorites, all topics for discussion of this in-depth video series chronicling humanity and the things that divide us and make us one. Also under the Heart of Stone brand, Stone Siegel publishes a hard cover coffee table book, featuring his own photography from around the world.

In addition, Stone Siegel hosts a web series under the The Intrepid Fork brand that features farm-to-table trails, sustainable restaurants, chef interviews, wineries, breweries & distilleries, and the preparation of food & drink recipes.

It is not the policy of Stone Siegel Media to accept unsolicited inquiries or submissions from freelance writers. We welcome pitches, ideas, product samples, advertising sponsorships, and the like from Tourism Boards, CVB’s, PR Agencies, Restaurants, Hotels, and Businesses that fit our editorial content and audience demographics.

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